Thursday, December 22, 2011

Checking summary.

Let's check who owes what to whom.
General information regarding the owner of the programme is presented on the main screen. The green and red icons mean lent and borrowed amounts respectively.
Click on the "Summary" icon. The window with two tabs "Borrowers" and "Lenders" will open.
Tab titles are self explainatory: the "Borrowers" tab contains the list of people who owe money and the "Lenders" tab contains people who have lent money :)
By clicking on a particular person in these lists we can see the information of the selected person. Now I would like to see the debts of Melanie. Click on her name in the list and see the result.
The context menu contains two items:
  • Give the whole amount back
  • Give money back
The first one will automatically create and save the "Money Back" payment and close the payment.
The second option will open a new "Money Back" payment and automatically fill the required fields. You can optionally change the amount of the sum being returned.

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