Thursday, December 22, 2011

General topics.

From the main screen options menu you can open up the "Messages" window which is used for reviewing and sending crash reports (in case of any) to the application developer. When an error occurs the program handles it and builds a report with details of the error. Then a notification about a new message will be added to the status bar, and, by clicking on this notification, the Messages window will open.

Every screen of the application has the "Help" menu item in the options menu. By selecting it you will read a short and helpful description of the part you are currently in.

Error handling and reporting.
Since MoneyCalc doesn't require permission for Internet access you will be notified about crashes that have occurred via MoneyCalc's messaging functionality. When something goes wrong you will see a notification in the status bar and the "Messages" window will open by clicking on it. Messages can also be opened from the options menu on the main screen. Before sending the report, you will be able to review it and confirm the sending. No hidden data will be sent, only the crash report data you have approved.

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