Thursday, December 22, 2011

About the MoneyCalc.

The idea of creating the MoneyCalc occurred to me each time my friends and I came back from different trips and each time we could not remember how much money we owed each other. Below are several cases when I have wanted a programme like MoneyCalc installed on my mobile device.

# Trips.
There were 7 of us and when we arrived at the airport we decided to buy some drinks and snacks for the evening. We were tired after the journey and wanted to reach the hotel as soon as possible, so in order to save time, I paid the whole sum (about 160 euro) on my credit card. 
At that point in time I had to remember that 4 guys owed me 22.85 euro and 2 more guys (who were with their girlfriends) - 45.70 euro. On the next day 5 of us (including me) decided to visit the theatre and a friend of mine bought the tickets for us. The price of one ticket was 30 euro and after she gave me that ticket I had to reduce her debt (which was 22.85) by 30. As a result I owed her 7.15 euro and 3 of us owed her 30 euro. Similar things happened throughout the trip. After we got back we couldn't say with any certainty who owed who money and how much. If we had had the MoneyCalc at that time we would have easily sorted out this situation.
All trips vary from one to another but the kind of issues described take place almost every time.

# Paying for the group.
When you are with a group of people who are buying something, MoneyCalc will be useful for calculating particular amounts of money for everybody in the group. MoneyCalc will also not forget about the people you might want to pay for (e.g. your girlfriend) and takes this into consideration when calculating.

# Owing people money.
Sometimes it happens that somebody asks you for money or you might owe money to someone. Just enter this data into MoneyCalc and it will keep track of it for you.

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