Thursday, December 22, 2011

Group payment example.

Imagine we have the case described in the About the MoneyCalc section. Let's create a group payment based on this information.

"There were 7 of us..."
Open "Group" payment and add people to the list. The owner of the programme (which is called "Me") is already in the list which you are going to pick people from so I just pick them by pressing the "Me" button. Accordring to the story, two guys were with their girlfriends and paid for them so I won't add those girls to the list. I will set multipliers for those guys to '2' instead.

"I paid the whole sum (about 160 euro) on my credit card"
I set the price to 160 and indicate myself as a payer by picking "Pay for all" from my context menu.

Now we can see that I have to pay 160 and if I click on "Me" in the list, I will see a sublist with pending debt expanded.

Notice that the guys who have their multipliers set to '2' owe me 45.70 euro each. That's because they are paying for their partners.
I press OK and now let's check the results. Open the "Summary" window from the main screen.

The story says "On the next day 5 of us (including me) decided to visit the theatre and a friend of mine bought the tickets for us. The price of one ticket was 30 euro...".
At that point in time I had to calculate our debt ratios as it described in the story: "... and after he gave me that ticket I had to reduce his debt (which was 22.85) by 30. As a result I owed him 7.15 euro and 3 of us owed him 30 euro...".
Let's create another group payment and see how it influences our current debs ;)

I am filling in the list of "5 of us" and am setting price to 150 (5 tickets x 30 euro).

Choosing the payer (the one who bought the tickets for us). In our case it was Melanie.

Lets expand some list items and see what outstanding debt is going to be created. I tap on Melanie's and my list items in order to expand them.
In Melanie's sublist we can see how much money Melanie is going to lend and to whom. In my sublist there is only one item: I am going to be owing her 30 euro. The same pictire is for the rest people of our group.
Note: here are shown the debt related only to the current payment. After this payment is created the main outstanding debt will be recalculated and updated in the MoneyCalc Summary.

Let's check the results.
Open "Summary" window. Go to the "Lenders" tab. Tap on Melanie in the list.
As we see now the result is the same as in the story: "... I owed her 7.15 euro and 3 of us owed her 30 euro.".

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