Thursday, December 22, 2011

One-to-one payment.

  1. Click One-to-one payment;
  2. Click "Select lender..." button;
  3. In the new window select a person who is lending money. If the person is not shown on the list, fill in the name and press "Add person" button. Now you can select the newly added person from the list. Note: the owner of the programme is indicated on the list by the "Me" button;
  4. Click "Select borrower..." in order to select the person who is taking money;
  5. Do the same actions for the borrower as described in step 3;
  6. Press "0.00" button in order to specify the amount of money to be lent;
  7. Optionally fill in the comment (it will appear in the "History" window);
  8. Click "OK" button.
If you have done all steps correctly the payment will be created. Otherwise incorrectly filled fields will be highlighted in red.

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