Thursday, December 22, 2011

Group payment.

Filling in the list of people and specifying amount.

Note: I would like to draw your attention to the fact that after reading the description below not everything can be clearly understood but there is a link to a detailed example at the end of this article so please be patient :) After some usage examples you will find out how easy to use the programme acutally is!
  1. Click "Group" icon;
  2. Using the button in order to add people who are taking part in this group payment;
  3. In the new window select a person you want to add. If the person is not shown on the list, fill in the name and press the "Add person" button. Now you can select the newly added person from the list. Note: the owner of the programme is presented in the list by "Me" button;
  4. Do step 3 until all the people have been added to the list. Note: of course you can add more people later. You don't have to add all the participants right now.
  5. Press the "0.00" button in order to specify the amount of the group payment.

Filling in payment information.
Now for the most interesting part - filling in the information of the payment.
  • If there is a person who is paying the whole sum - mark them by choosing the "Pay for all" item from their context menu. In this case the programme will divide up the price equally and create one-to-one payments between the payer and each person in the group.
  • If a person gives their part of the whole sum, this amount is specified via its "Update sum" context menu. Every person in the list has a hint which says how much money left for him/her for current payment.
  • If a person wants to pay for another person (or several people) you don't need to add these people to the list. Just use the "Set multiplier" menu item from the context menu of the person in order to specify the quantity of people the selected person is paying for. The default value of this multiplier for each person is '1'. This means that the person pays for only 1 person (him/herself). So if the person wants to pay for his/her partner you should set this amount to 2 (or another value depending on the quantity of people being paid).
  • If somebody wants to give some money to another person within the group you should use the "Create subpayment" menu item from the context menu. You will find a link to a detailed example of its usage at the end of this article.
Description of group payment elements on the screen.

After you have filled in the information of the payment you can see the people on the list look similar to the next picture:

Each person has some text indicators of colours blue, green and red.
The blue one means the amount of money the person is paying for him/herself in this group payment.
The green one is the amount of money the person is lending to other(s). The red one is the amount of money the person is borrowing. Clicking on the person who has green or red amounts differing from 0.00 will expand a sublist of people where you can see the outstanding debt to be created as a result of current group payment.
The sum on the right side is the sum which the person actually has to pay.
If you specified the multiplier for the person it will appear under the person's icon.

Clicking "OK" will create necessary outstanding debt between people in the group.

Please refer to the Group Payment example in order to see the detailed example of using group payments.

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